On the diagram above, the large circle with the dashed line represents the universe of over 650,000 OSHA hazardous chemicals. These chemicals are potentially subject to Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory reporting under sections 311 and 312 (Tier II report) of SARA Title III. The line is dashed because there is no list of these chemicals. The extremely hazardous substances (EHS on the diagram) are listed, so the circle has a solid line. Each of the EHSs has an associated threshold planning quantity (TPQ) for emergency planning pursuant to SARA Title III sections 302 and 303, and a reportable quantity (RP) for release reporting under SARA Title III section 304. The EHSs are also subject to Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory reporting unless an exemption applies. The CERCLA hazardous substances are listed and have associated reportable quantities for release reporting under CERCLA section 103 and SARA Title III section 304. There are CERCLA hazardous substances that include hazardous waste that is subject to Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. Part of the CERCLA group falls outside of the OSHA group. This is because OSHA does not require that an SDS/MSDS be maintained for hazardous waste. Therefore RCRA hazardous waste is not reportable on the Tier II report, but a release that is above the listed reportable quantity must be reported. EPA published a list of toxic chemicals and chemical categories (Toxic on the diagram). Pursuant to SARA Title III section 313, “subject facilities” must submit a Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) report for each toxic chemical that exceeds an activity threshold. The listed substances (EHS, CERCLA hazardous, and toxic chemicals) are included in the EPA “List of Lists.”