LEPC Pipeline Planning Initiative

The Delaware County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) has been in the process of working with the pipeline operators within Delaware County, local responders, community members, school administrators etc. in order to improve our readiness to respond to a pipeline related incident.

The main work product of this collaborative endeavor is a Guidance Document that local responders can utilize as a standalone resource or incorporate it in whole or in part into existing emergency response plans.

Emergency Planning Update Initiative

The Delaware County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is currently in the process of updating the Emergency Response Plans for all SARA Title III facilities in Delaware County. This action is necessary to insure compliance with SARA Title III requirements as well as Pennsylvania Act 165 and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) regulations.

The goal of the LEPC Initiative is to enhance emergency management response capabilities, promote strong partnerships between industry, public officials and responders, and to protect the safety of our citizens.

The LEPC has conducted a survey of general information relative to the transportation of hazardous materials and updated facility SARA Title III information.

The LEPC Initiative Coordinators have complied and updated information on emergency contacts, emergency plan information, SARA Title III chemicals, EHS chemical transportation, chemical name, supplier information, mode of and primary routes of chemical transportation.

Residents Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Guide

The LEPC in conjunction with Delaware County Emergency Services and County Council have created a guide for residents containing information on emergency preparedness. The guide includes useful information on what to do in the event that you need to take shelter or evacuate.

The guide includes useful information on “what to do in case of an emergency,” sheltering, evacuation guidance, family sheltering and evacuation supplies, public shelters and preparing your pet in the event of an emergency.

This is the fourth edition of the guide. If you have suggestions for future editions, please let us know by using the contact page.

Planning Guide