Facilities must immediately notify the LEPC and SERC if there is a release into the environment of a hazardous substance that is equal to or exceeds the minimum reportable quantity set in the regulations. This requirement covers the extremely hazardous substances on the “List of Lists” as well as hazardous substances subject to the emergency release notification requirements under CERCLA Section 103(a) (40 CFR 302.4). Some chemicals are common to both lists. Emergency release notification requirements involving transportation incidents can be met by dialing 911. A written follow-up notice must be submitted to the SERC and the LEPC as soon as practicable after the release. The follow-up notice must update information included in the initial notice and provide information on the actual response actions taken and advice regarding medical attention necessary for citizens exposed to the released chemical. After the release and within 14 days of the termination of the release, the facility must file a Hazardous Materials Emergency Notification Report, found at the end of this document, to the Delaware County LEPC. Also found at the end of this document is a Summary of SARA Title III Reporting Requirements in Pennsylvania.